iMobi.ies QR Codes offer hugely effective benefits and diverse marketing opportunities for any business.

Whether "high contrast" or "subtle", coloured, custom, iMobi.ies Smart QR Codes do more than communicate their content seamlessly; they make a stylish impact statement with visual appeal.

Smart QR Codes in all forms & colors, you name it! We can create it!
WHAT ARE QR CODES? When you scan or read a Quick Reaction Code with your camera
enabled Smartphone you can link to digital content on the Web. You can also activate a
number of phone functions including Email, make a Call, send an SMS, and connect
the Smartphone to a web browser.

HOW DO QR CODES WORK? Follow Steps 1 - 4 for an overview.
QR Codes can be readily integrated into your current business marketing practices to bring your online content to a mobile audience in real time. You can allow consumers to connect with you in a meaningful way whilst they are on the go by designing the QR Code to do many things.