Smart Apps built for you by can be designed to generally perform in the same way as an App that you will find on Apple's App Store. However our Smart Apps do not need to be approved by Apple for use in whatever way you wish to do so.’s Smart Apps will work equally as well on an iPhone and other Smartphones. Our Smart Apps can be used alongside your optimised Smartphone site to enhance your business and promote customer relations. They can equally be utilised as a standalone App that can be used to promote a NEW PRODUCT, PUBLICISE A COMPETITION, AND MANY OTHER FUNCTIONS...THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS!

A unique way to send INTERACTIVE INVITATIONS by iPhones and Smartphones. These can be used for any type of event whether it's personal or business.

Such events include:
PRODUCT LAUNCHES will develop the Smart Invitation for you to receive any type of information you want, from the people you wish to invite.

People can respond to your invitation directly from their mobile phones by text message or a direct call functions built into the Smart Invitation.

We can also design the invitation to send a response to any email address you wish to use.

This is an example of a Smart App developed by that can be used on both iPhones and Android Smartphones. It can tell you what day of the week you were born, whether that was a Monday, Tuesday, etc.

Simply put in date of the day you were born, the year, click the update buton and it will give you the weekday you were born.

A Smart App such as this can be used in business as fun promotion during a marketing campaign. Smart Apps developed by our company can have many different functions and provide a method to directly engage with your customers to promote your business.